Meet Lucy & Katy Smith

Growing up, Lucy always felt like the quiet and shy one and was regularly called this by teachers and other pupils. Afraid to speak up in class, worried about what others thought of her and constantly trying to fit in. Feeling this was normal, Lucy continued with her school and home life thinking it would always be this way. When starting her first job in a day nursery this version of Lucy continued, feeling shy and lack of confidence in her ability held her back from achieving her full potential in that job.

It wasn’t until she was in her late teens that Lucy realised there was more to it than she originally thought, suffering with panic attacks and severe lack of confidence Lucy made the decision to see a counsellor about the way she felt. This is how Lucy was introduced to personal development and the power of mindset. It was the first time that she felt she was in control of her own mind and life. Lucy committed to personal development daily, managing anxiety and depression, building confidence and overcoming fears using these habits.

Since adding these personal development and mindset habits into her life Lucy has settled in a new job in a special needs secondary school where she is confident and successful in her job ability. As well as feeling confident at making new friends and feeling comfortable around others and in social situations. Lucy’s success in sport has also been positively impacted by personal development, going on to win two national titles and playing for England. Lucy wanted to give back and share the knowledge and experience she had, so created the inspiring, global business Succeed Now which supports adults with their personal development journey.

In school Katy felt that she lacked confidence. This had an impact on her learning as she had a fear of reading aloud and participating in group tasks. This continued into Katy’s work life, when starting to apply for jobs Katy lacked confidence so much that she couldn’t even tell her family when she had interviews because she was afraid of not getting the job. She continued to get the same feedback from every interview that she just wasn’t confident enough for the job.

After the feedback from these interviews Katy made the decision to believe in herself and step outside her comfort zone, applying for an Apprenticeship in a special needs secondary school. Simply by making this decision Katy saw the power of the mind as she confidently got through her interview and started work at the school. She went on to get offered a full time job there and continues to confidently and successfully fulfilled her job role. Katy was recognised for her confidence and began to do ELSA interventions with the children to support them further.

This growth in confidence has improve all areas of her life. Katy has also gone on to win 3 national titles and a British Isles title as well as competing in a world championships. Katy’s confidence has grown so much since she started believing in herself and knowing that she can achieve anything.

Having experienced the benefits of building her confidence Katy wants to share this knowledge with children in schools so they can have access to their education and go onto live a confident and successful life when they leave school, knowing that they can achieve anything.

Guest Expert


Donna is our Mindfulness and Yoga expert. She is a Life Coach with a special interest in working with children. Donna is a yoga and mindfulness teacher and relax kids coach. She also runs retreats in the Highlands of Scotland. She writes for Holistic Health and Holistic Therapist magazines and is very excited about sharing her ideas.

About Cheerful Children

Cheerful Children was created to provide the resources needed for schools and parents to show children that they can be in control of their mind. Lucy & Katy Smith have both struggled with confidence during school which then continued to effect them as they moved into adulthood and started applying for jobs. It is their mission to provide the resources needed for children to understand and improve their mindset and to inspire them to want to make this change. 

50% of Mental Health problems are established by 14 years old, these resources have been designed to give children the support they need to help this. Topics include confidence, fears, emotions and feelings and there are a range of worksheets available for all ages and abilities. Joining the resource library gives you unlimited access to over 200 worksheets covering 20 topics. Yearly subscription available for schools and parents. 

Cheerful Children Beliefs

All children deserve to feel confident in themselves

Improving a childs mindset will improve their life

Children should believe that they can achieve everything

Access to these resources will support children now and in their future

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