How To Build Child Confidence

As a child I lacked confidence. In school I felt shy, had a small group of friends and was afraid to speak up in class. I hated reading out loud or working in groups and at the time I thought this was completely normal. 

I have since done a lot of research on how to build child confidence and used a range of tools to help build my confidence. I will be sharing with you those tools so you can support your child to build their confidence for their home and school life. 


Click here for 3 tips to help build your childs confidence


Strengths list

Ask your child to write down a list of all their strengths. They can get creative and make this into a colourful poster to put somewhere they can always see it. This will help to show them all the things they are good at. Their skills, talents and achievements. In times where your child lacks confidence they won’t be focused on all their strengths so this will help them to get some perspective and realise how many strengths they actually have. 



Your child will likely be telling themselves negative things on repeat. It’s important to help them to recognise these and write them down. Once you know what they are you can create the positive opposite as their affirmation. For example “I am stupid” becomes “I am intelligent.” They can then work on repeating their new positive affirmations to themselves everyday rather than the old negative beliefs.  



As children we love to imagine and role play. So encourage your child to do this in a positive way to help them build their confidence. Have them imagine (visualise) themselves full of confidence. What would they say? How would they feel? How would they walk? What would they do? Encourage them to visualise this in as much detail as they can. They can use this visualisation in an event or situation where they wouldn’t usually feel confident. For example, reading out loud. They can visualise themselves confidently and successfully reading out loud. 


These are just 3 simple tips to help you get started with building your child’s confidence. If you liked these tips and you’d like to get access to over 200 resources to support your child including confidence click here to join the resource library.  


Click here for 3 tips to help build your childs confidence

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