Meet The Cheerful Children Team

Welcome to the Cheerful Children blog, you will find a new blog post here every Thursday at 4pm UK time. To start the blog we wanted you to meet the Cheerful Children Team to share a bit about ourselves so you can get to know us better.

Lucy Smith, owner of Cheerful Children

Growing up I was always the shy one, feeling that I didn’t fit into friendship groups and not enjoying social occasions. I thought this was normal and accepted that it’s how my life would be. It wasn’t until my late teens when I developed a more severe anxiety and started experiencing panic attacks. This is when I realised something wasn’t right and I got advice from a doctor. My counsellor recommended mindfulness and this got me started with personal development. I began to learn and implement as much as I could into my life. I now manage my anxiety and depression, have built my confidence, overcome fears of driving and shopping alone and enjoy socialising. 

Business and passion

I started Succeed Now as a blog in 2017. I had my own mental health and mindset in control and felt the need to get awareness out there to encourage others to get started with personal development. It has since evolved into much more, with a membership site and exclusive mentorship on personal development. I feel that I went through all those struggles for a reason. So that I could support others on the same journey. In 2019 after a chat with my sister Katy we decided that there needs to be more resources for children. We came up with the idea of Cheerful Children which became the Resource Library available today. 

The reason behind Cheerful Children

I truly believe if I’d have had access to these resources as a child that my anxiety and depression wouldn’t have ended up as severe as it was as a teenager. The earlier children can be introduced to personal development the better. They can become aware of how they can manage their feelings and emotions, build their confidence and have a growth mindset. That is exactly what these resources do. 

Fun facts about Lucy

Every day I wake up at 5.55 and start with an hour of personal development including meditation, yoga, reading, hypnosis, affirmations and journaling.

I enjoy walks in nature. It makes me feel really relaxed and I love it as a way to maintain good physical and mental health. 

I play the sport of bowls and have done since I was 11 and I have won county and national titles and represented England. 


Katy Smith, owner of Cheerful Children

Growing up I was always very shy and lacked confidence. This went into adulthood when I was trying to get my first job. I wish resources like this were around when I was younger as I feel they would have made a massive difference to me growing up.

The reason behind Cheerful Children

I decided to set up the business Cheerful Children with my sister because we both thought more resources and activities suitable for children were needed to improve their mindset. The resources are fun and I believe children would love completing them as they’re really colourful and it’s something different.

Fun facts about Katy

I’ve played bowls since I was 9 years old. I have won county, national and British Isles titles.


Donna Booth, Yoga & Mindfulness Guest Expert

I am a life coach, kid’s coach, yoga & mindfulness teacher and retreat host. I live in the far north of Scotland with my teenage daughter and menagerie of animals. As a child I was an anxious and introverted  and managed to fake confidence in my teens and early before growing (through a lot of personal development) into a much more confident and relaxed adult. I wish these resources had been available when I was growing up. I feel very blessed to be able to provide these resources to children, families and schools now.

Passion for changing lives

Vitality started way back in 2008. It has always been a real passion project and has allowed me to follow my dream of making some sort of difference in the world. I’ve met some incredible people and am amazed every day of what people can achieve when someone believes in them.

Excitement about Cheerful Children

The Cheerful Children resources are extensive, beautifully presented, fun and very easy to use. I’m very proud to be a part of this website and I hope to provide and make use of the resources for a long time to come.

Fun facts about Donna

I have a pug called Frank who is a therapy dog – his favourite job is spending time with anxious children. He is paid in pats and treats.

I once spent a week on silent retreat in a Zen Temple in Japan. Anyone who knows me would be very surprised I could stop talking for that length of time.

I love the sea and one of my most exciting (and terrifying) moments was having a mumma humpback whale and her baby breach right in front of our teeny tiny boat.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about us. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or email us:


Click here to find out more about the Cheerful Children Resource Library and how it can support your child with feelings, confidence and growth mindset.


Click here to read more and meet the Cheerful Children team


Click here to read more and meet the Cheerful Children team

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