How To Help A Child Calm Down

Often children aren’t aware of ways they can control their emotions and feelings, it is natural for children to feel negative emotions and not know how to handle them. It is important that we know how to help a child calm down so we can support them in times they need it most.


Here are some useful tips on how to help a child calm down.

1. Count to 5 – ┬áin your head or out loud will help keep them calm and take their mind off what is worrying them.

2. Take deep breaths – breath in through the nose and out through the mouth counting the breaths.

3. Hug and talking – sometimes they just need a hug and someone to talk to.

4. Exercise – playing in the garden or having a nice nature walk in nature.

5. Distraction – talking about something they enjoy, a memory, hobby, interest or something else.


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How did you find these useful tips? Let us know in the comments if they have helped your child calm down.


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Click here for tips on how to help a child calm down


Click here for tips on how to help a child calm down


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