Encourage Positivity In Children

There are many ways you can encourage positivity in children. This will be an ongoing process as it’s not something that works overnight. It is about consistently doing habits that make you a more positive person and as a result you will feel more positive. This is not to say that there won’t be an occasional moment or day of negativity. But it will be a lot less than it would be if you didn’t try any of these habits consistently.


How to fit these habits into your day

  • Waking earlier and doing something positive
  • Making time for self-care activities every day. Read: Self-Care For Children
  • Turn off technology an hour before bed
  • Remove technology from the bedroom


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Positivity Habits


There are child friendly personal development and positivity books that can teach your child new habits and ways to be positive.



This can be about their thoughts, to get it off their mind. Also journaling gratitude to reflect on all they have in their life.

Read: Journal Prompts For Confidence 



Create powerful positive statements about themselves that they can say out loud or write down everyday. This can be done as a family too. For example I am confident, I am happy.



Taking the time to clear the mind and focus on something like breath to get away from thoughts. This technique takes practice and is about allowing thoughts to come and go without judgement rather than stopping thoughts all together. There are guided meditations available on YouTube and apps to introduce you and your child to this.



This simply means being present in the moment and can be done in a variety of ways including taking a walk, focusing on food while you eat and taking time to feel the sensations in the body.



A simple and powerful way to feel more positive instantly by reflecting on all there is to be grateful for.


Listening to positive music

Encourage your child to create a positive music playlist that makes them feel amazing. They can listen to this in the mornings to start their day well and at any other time of the day when they feel they need a positive boost.


We hope these ideas give you somewhere to start to encourage positivity in children, we would love to hear from you in the comments if you enjoyed trying these ideas.


Click here to read 7 ways to encourage positivity in children

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