Journal Prompts for Stress

Is your child stressed and struggling to cope with worries? These journal prompts for stress are a great way to help them clear their mind.


Journaling is an effective way to clear the mind and allow deep and sometimes hidden feelings to come out. Once the journaling process begins people feel that they begin to automatically write straight from the mind which allows them to learn more about what they are thinking and feeling that they may not have been aware of.


1. Worry page – get a piece of paper and write everything down that’s worrying you. You can then leave this and come back to it with a clear head.

2. Finish the sentence ‘Right now I am…’

3. Write about an activity you enjoy that improve your mood

4. Do some exercise that makes yourself feel good about yourself

5. Think about your favourite memory


How did your child find our journal prompts for stress?Do they enjoy journaling and did it help them?

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