Make Family Time A Priority

I’ve heard many people saying with all the things going on in their life they simply “don’t have time for family time” well I’m here to tell you that it is so important to make family time a priority. It can have so many benefits for you and your children.

Top Tip

Block out time in your calendar everyday for family time, just like you would for work, meetings or appointments.

Make the effort to stick to this. It doesn’t have to be hours and hours. Even 30 minutes a day to just play with or talk to your children can make all the difference.


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How can you make time?

Think about how you currently spend your day and answer these questions:

Are there any gaps in my day for family time?

Do I spend time on social media or watching TV while my children are awake?

Can we fit 10 minutes of family time into the morning, even if it means waking up 10 minutes earlier?

Is there time for family activities after dinner?

What opportunities can I make for family time? 

  • Ideas: 
    1. Getting ready in the morning
    2. When taking to and picking up from school
    3. Make dinner an occasion
    4. Tucking into bed


Make family time a priority

Now that you have an idea of how you can make family time a priority it’s time to think about the activities you can do together.

Play together as much as possible. If you have 5 minutes put your phone away and spend time playing with or watching your child play. They will really appreciate and value this time with you.

Spend time talking about your day, what’s on your mind or anything else you want to talk about. This will encourage your child to open up and talk more if it is a part of every day life.

Reflect on what you have to be grateful for.

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Do creative tasks like art, crafts, cooking or baking. Teach them new skills and encourage them to expand their comport zone, this will also help them to build confidence.


We’d love to hear how you get on with these tips so share your experiences in the comments.


Click here to read more about how to make family time a priority

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