Personal Development For Children

As personal development becomes more and more popular it is becoming a part of life. It is important that we also recognise how personal development can improve our children’s lives too. 

There are many ways you can start personal development with your children. Most personal development habits can be adapted to be suitable to young children and have a positive impact on their mental health, social skills, confidence and much more. 


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Personal development ideas for children 


Put simply mindfulness means being present in the moment. This can be done by observing the surroundings and checking in with the senses. You can add this into your child’s routine with these ideas:

  1. Nature walk 
  2. Yoga 
  3. Breathing exercises 
  4. Notice new things 
  5. Mindful eating



Encourage your child to spend time writing about their thoughts. They can write what is on their mind or use prompts to help them. Journaling is a great way to manage stress, anxiety and other feelings. 


Positive statements 

Create and use positive statements with your children based on the negative thoughts they have of themselves. For example if they say they are ugly replace that with “I am beautiful.” Encourage your child to repeat their positive statements on repeat in the head. This is proven to change the way they think and feel about themselves and have a positive impact on their mindset. 


Let us know in the comments how your children find these habits and if they enjoy them. To get access to over 200 resources to support your children with personal development click here to join the resource library


Click here to read 3 ways children can do personal development

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