15 Positive Statements for Children

Here are 15 positive statements that will make your children feel much better about themselves. Sit down with them and go through this list of positive statements.


There are so many benefits to creating and saying positive statements, it can help to build confidence, develop a growth mindset and promote positivity. Your child can think about their statements in their mind, write them down, read them or say them out loud to get the benefits of these powerful, positive statements.


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15 positive statements for children

1. I get better every single day

2. I am amazing

3. I am smart

4. I forgive myself for my mistakes

5. I can do hard things

6. I try new things

7. I was born to learn

8. I can learn anything

9. I take my time

10. Making mistakes helps me grow and learn

11. I go after my dreams

12. I am unique

13. I am loved

14. I try my hardest

15. I love my life


How to create positive statements

You can also work with your child to create their own positive statements. The statements should be in the present tense and written positively about how your child wants to feel. For example I am confident.


Let us know in the comments how you found the 15 positive statements and if your children feel any different. Click here to get access to the resource library with over 200 resources to support your children.


Click here to read 15 positive statements for children

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