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Building confidence

Understanding their feelings and emotions

Knowing how to manage their emotions

Making friends and treating others well

Looking after themselves

Facing and overcoming their fears

Valuing and respecting themselves

Communicating with others

Having a growth mindset

Believing they can achieve anything

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Sunday evening dread before school

School holiday activities

Daily habits of positivity

Getting your child interested in personal development

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A range of resources appropriate for all ages and abilities 

Resources for children that find it difficult talking or writing about their feelings

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Meet Lucy & Katy, the faces behind Cheerful Children


Growing up, Lucy always felt like the quiet and shy one and was regularly called this by teachers and other pupils. Afraid to speak up in class, worried about what others thought of her and constantly trying to fit in. Feeling this was normal, Lucy continued with her school and home life thinking it would always be this way. When starting her first job in a day nursery this version of Lucy continued, feeling shy and lack of confidence in her ability held her back from achieving her full potential in that job.


In school Katy felt that she lacked confidence. This had an impact on her learning as she had a fear of reading aloud and participating in group tasks. This continued into Katy’s work life, when starting to apply for jobs Katy lacked confidence so much that she couldn’t even tell her family when she had interviews because she was afraid of not getting the job. She continued to get the same feedback from every interview that she just wasn’t confident enough for the job.