Things To Say Instead Of ‘Stop Crying’

It’s so normal for children to get upset and cry but do you find yourself saying ‘stop crying’ to your children? This can make your child feel like it is wrong to cry and that they can’t express their emotions and share their feelings with you.


Instead it is a good idea to encourage them to understand why they are crying and to share this with you. Children cry for a reason so try to find out that reason and work with them to solve the problem.


Here’s some things to say instead of ‘stop crying’

1. It’s okay to cry

2. What’s making you upset? Talk to me about it

3. I’ll help you work it out

4. It’s okay to be sad

5. I’m listening


How did you find this? Have you got any other things to say instead of ‘stop crying’? We would love to know what they are, leave us a comment with your suggestions.


Click here to get access to the resource library with over 200 resources to support your children with understanding and managing their feelings & emotions

Click here to read 5 things to say instead of stop crying


Click here to read 5 things to say instead of stop crying

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